Roving Reporters

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Congratulations to our writers, readers and mathematicians of the week. You can see who they are at the top of this page.

This week’s roving reporters are: Holly  and Oonagh.

In Maple they have been on another adventure with J.B. dog in P.E. (I wish I was doing that!) They have also been to their first disco. They have also been listening to lots of stories by Mrs. Scarbro. They have had one good week.

 In Chestnut 1. They have learnt how to count up 50 ! Wow that’s one big number ! They also got an interesting visit from Mr James from the well known Lincolnshire wildlife centre .Learning about 2d and 3d shapes led to printing them with coloured paint .

In Chestnut 2.They have learnt how to do fractions ! Boy they have been working hard! They also have been getting their hands dirty in the paint.

In Willow . They have been reading calming and relaxing bedtime stories also in P.E they have been doing circuit training , just keep moving !

In oak class we have done some scary bed time stories and took videos. We did some hard number machines (hard work) In art we even got to design our own crystals FUN! We had to cross the crystals over each other, so they looked more realistic. IT WAS SO FUN!