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One Decision - Parent Zone 

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Our pupils play a key role in advocating our ethos and beliefs in our school. 


Stay Safe Squad 

Our Stay Safe Squad champion and spread awareness of all things online safety and road safey in our school. The group of year 5 and year 6 pupils involved meet fortnightly to organise talks, collective worships, competitions and games to to spead their message and keep our school commnity safe. 



 Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)       


Two fantastic year 6 pupils have been selected to be Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) to help promote road safety issues within the school and local community. The Lincolnshire County Council JRSO scheme is an effective and popular way to share road safety messages with the children and provides an excellent opportunity for the children to develop their communication skills. The JRSOs will have the opportunity to deliver important road safety message to the entire school community in a fun and innovative way. The role of the JRSO is to spread road safety messages to the school community by:

  • giving talks
  • running competitions
  • putting up posters
  • using their own ideas to spread the message

The children received their training from Corole Hatt and are now official Junior Road Safety Officers and can’t wait to start implementing this year’s theme ‘Road Safety Heroes.’


Personal, Social, Heath and Economic Education


At Kirkby on Bain, our goal is to make sure that we equip our children with the right skills and knowledge to stay safe and achieve their full potential. We believe that teaching our children to make informed decisions should lie at the heart of our teaching in PSHE. The decisions that we make define who we become and the experiences that we will encounter. For this reason, our curriculum is designed with a series of interactive lessons and videos, created by 1Decision, that teach our children how to make positive and informed decisions that will keep them safe and well. 1Decision provide a range of resources for children, which are focused on prevention not cure. 




At Kirkby on Bain Primary School, we strongly believe in giving our children the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to be able to make positive and informed decisions throughout their lives. It is for this reason, that our PSHE lessons centre around the consequences of the choices we, and those around us, make. In conjunction with our whole school ethos and our continued provision for spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) development, we are supporting our children on their journey to becoming reflective, responsible, articulate, and independent individuals.  

The decisions that we make define who we become and the experiences that we will encounter. For this reason, our curriculum is designed with a series of interactive lessons and videos, created by 1Decison, that teach our children how to make positive and informed decisions that will keep them safe and well. Our PSHE curriculum builds foundations of health and wellbeing, providing crucial decision-making skills and positive attitudes to enable children to achieve their best potential, academically and socially. We want our children to develop and deepen their personal, social, emotional development in ways that are tailored to their age group, whilst also expanding on their previous knowledge as they progress through the school. Within our sessions, we want to provide a safe space where children can: explore new topics or ideas; make safe and informed choices; learn how to take responsibility for their actions; be respectful of others views and opinions; value difference and develop themselves as the best version of themselves.



At Kirkby on Bain Primary School, we follow the 1Decision PSHE/RSE programme, which is a school wide scheme of learning from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 6.

Through our use of 1Decision, we provide the children with the opportunity to explore the consequences of choices that are made and develop their knowledge around making informed and positive choices in their lives. Each unit provides the class with a video scenario where they can take control of the story and decide the ending. Not only do they get to decide the choices that are made by the characters, but they also get to see the consequence that could be faced if a different path was taken. This allows our children to confidently discuss and articulate the impacts that their decisions and the decisions of others may have in life.

The programme is split in to 9 units:

  • Keeping/Staying Safe
  • Keeping/Staying Healthy
  • Feeling and Emotions
  • Computer Safety
  • Growing and Changing
  • Being Responsible
  • The Working World
  • A World without Judgement
  • Fire safety (KS1)/First aid (KS2)

We strive to provide our children with learning opportunities across and beyond the curriculum, threading our learning together with the use of our whole school golden threads and planning activities that enrich pupils’ experiences. In both KS1 and KS2 children have opportunity, and are encouraged, to practice courageous advocacy and support a cause close to the class's heart throughout our ‘Make a Difference, Be the Change!’ golden thread. KS2 classes also take part in the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leaders Award and Raising Aspirations Programmes, helping them to identify their own positive skills and qualities and understand how these can be applied to the world of work.



  • Children have high levels of self-esteem and are better equipped to be resilient within a modern society.
  • Children will have had opportunities to fail and discuss why failure is important, so that they are more resilient to failure and view this as a positive.
  • Children will collaborate critically, creatively and with a caring approach.
  • Children are better able to reflect upon their choices and evaluate what makes for good choices. This will allow for better assessment of ‘bad choices’ and how to learn from these.
  • Children leave the school with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners, ready to face the challenge of their next setting.
  • We will teach our children not only to tolerate difference but to celebrate it and 'challenge discrimination'.


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