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Writing for a Purpose

Breathing book molecules helps you to write.

Reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out!


Our Intent:

Our English curriculum aspires for children to be able to ‘adapt their style and write for different purposes.’ We aim for our children to write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences; selecting language that shows good awareness of the reader; using the right grammar at the right time in order to achieve the desired effect on the reader.  

Our Implementation:

Teaching of Writing:

When teaching children to write, we aim to engage and inspire using a range of mediums. We believe that children need to know that writing always has a purpose and an audience! As a result our approach begins with ‘Purpose and Reader,’ closely followed by the effect we want to have on the reader in order to plan with the children.

1)    We use rich and stimulating texts to excite the children. We may use this text to exemplify the style of writing we are learning about. Using a well-chosen text provides a model for us to examine and explore. However, whilst immersed in a rich text, we can be creative with our ‘writing for a purpose’ and where this might fit in in ‘real life context.’

2) Our long term overview is centred around the Four Purposes for Writing: To entertain, To inform, To persuade and To discuss. 

3)    We choose five or six key objectives to embed over the half term. We have a carefully and well thought out SPAG whole school overview to ensure each year group it taught the National Curriculum Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar objectives. 

The following 'Knowledge Organisers' will help you, as parents, to understand what we cover in each year group and what words we use to define the SPAG terms and key vocabulary.

Chestnut 1

Chestnut 2

Willow Year 3 & Willow Year 4

Oak 5

Oak 6

Writing for Pleasure:

Just as we encourage children to read for pleasure, we also passionately believe that children should be given time to write for pleasure: painting with words! We acheive this via our 'Write Here: Write Now' initiative. Children are given a stimulus and then can choose how to respond via the medium of writing. This writing is celebrated, praised and enjoyed without the pressure of scrunity. Our children love the 'Write Here: Write Now!' initiative and regularly leave us speechless with their masterpieces.


Real World Writing Projects:

As part of our focus on giving children a real purpose for writing, we give children the opportunity to take part in a writing project each half term where they become 'Real World Writers;' choosing their own inspiration whilst creating a variety of different genres throughout the year.

Motivational Monday – Alexandra Alessandri

 Whilst taking part in the projects, teachers plan and deliver mini-writing lessons, teaching SPAG elements, stylistic choices and addressing individual areas for development.

Each class has designed their own logo for their class Publishing Houses...

EYs and KS1 Publishing Houses:


KS2 Publishing Houses:

Willow 4 Publishing House  Oak 5 Publishing House  Oak 6 Publishing House

         Willow 3                Willow 4                  Oak 5                      Oak 6

Our Impact:

At our school, children should:

  • have the skills to be able to convey their thoughts, ideas and feelings in written form
  • write for a variety of purposes, taking into account the intended audience
  • feel excited about the freedom of writing; how they can 'paint with words,' and meet a deadline
  • have a good understanding of the English language; utilising a broad range of vocabulary, showcasing a range of stylistic grammar choices and using a range of punctuation accurately. 
  • show independence in their learning and application of skills
  • be able to edit, improve and finalise their written creations/publications
  • use inspiration from texts they have read
  • LOVE to write!

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