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Snow School

Welcome to Snow School, our online, interactive school.

The view from our playground.
image - Snow School cover photo (Jan 13)

Snow activities

Each teacher has suggested a few activities the children could be getting on with whilst off school:


A few snow related activities you might like to try:

Activity 1: Can you find animal tracks in the snow? 
Activity 2: Can you find an icicle? Can you measure it? How long is it?
Activity 3: Find the deepest snow. How deep is it?
Activity 4: Can you write a sentence about a snowman?
Activity 5: Can you create a snow scene in a box?


Click here to see "winter ice art" activities for Chestnut Class.


Activity 1: Go out in the snow. Touch, taste & feel the snow and listen as you walk on it. Make a snow word web of exciting vocabulary then try writing a poem (remember that poems do NOT have to rhyme!)


Activity 2: Make a snowman then draw or photograph it. Email your photographs into school if you can. What is it called? Why? Try drawing a 'Snow Dog' style cartoon story about your snowman.


Activity 3: Snow investigation - make a snowball. Weigh it (in grams). Let it melt, then use a measuring jug to find out how many millilitres of water your snowball makes. Try other snowballs of differing sizes. Is there any relationship between the weight of the snowball and how much water it creates?


Activity 1: Build a snow creature - some kind of safari animal would be good. Why not meet a friend and build a whole safari park? 
Take a photo and email it into school.


Activity 2: Build a junk sledge capable of being towed across the playing field while carrying at least one person. How could you decorate it to make it unique? We will try them out when school re-opens, so bring your wellies!


Snow School photographs

We would love to see your snowy photographs. Please email them to school at the following

Below are just some of the photographs emailed into school...

image - Snow School - Brice
Photograph taken by Brice


image - Snow School - Frankie 1

Photograph taken by Frankie


image - Snow School - Rebecca

Photograph taken by Rebecca


image - Snow School - Tegan

"Snow good cooking in this weather" by Tegan


image - Snow School - Sledge

Snowy fun!


image - Snow School - George the snowman

"George" the snowman


image - Snow School - snow penguin

Snow penguin


image - Snow School - snow lady & Loch Ness monster

The Loch Ness monster and "Snow" the snowlady


image - Snow School - Snowball experiment

Having a go at Mrs Jackson's snowball investigation


image - Snow school - Octavia

Photograph taken by Octavia


image - Snow School - shark

Mrs Grant's snow shark!


image - Snow School - Cull

Photograph taken by Jamie and Tristan


image - Snow School - Tropical snow garden

A tropical snow garden