- Kirkby on Bain Primary School

What to do if...




Your child is not attending school.

Inform the school before 9.30am on each day of absence.

The person who normally collects your child from school has changed. Phone/email the school or write a note to the class teacher.
You require leave of absence for your child. Discuss with the headteacher. Complete a leave of absence form.
Your child is going to be late for school. Phone the school.
Your child has a pre-arranged appointment. Inform the class teacher or office. Collect and return your child via school office.
You have a  change of address. Inform the school office.
You are moving out of the area and changing school. Write a letter to the headteacher.
You are changing your emergency contact number. Inform the school office. 
Your family domestic arrangements are changing. Write a letter to the headteacher with details.
You are concerned about your child's progress. Make an appointment with the class teacher or the headteacher. 
You wish to make a formal complaint. See the headteacher.
You wish to contact the governing body. Write to the clerk to the governors or see a governor.
Your child develops head lice or an infectious disease. Inform your child's class teacher and/or the school office.
You are sending money to school. Send it in a sealed envelope to the school office with your details on the front.
You are worried about the safety of your child. Contact the school immediately.
You need to purchase school uniform. Purchase online at Nationwide School Uniforms
You wish to see our latest Ofsted report or church schools inspection report. Please click here